'Irresponsible and incompetent' Trump condemned after labelling coronavirus Chinese

'Irresponsible and incompetent' Trump condemned after labelling coronavirus Chinese

Meanwhile, Seattle-based pastor and author Eugene Cho said that "calling it the "Chinese virus" only instigates blame, racism, and hatred against Asians - here and overseas".

In a tweet that followed his address Monday warning of a possible recession, Trump said the United States would be "powerfully supporting" airlines and other industries particularly affected by the "Chinese Virus". "We will be stronger than ever before!" China made its discovery of a new coronavirus public on January 20, 2020. The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak a pandemic.

China then allowed 5 million people to leave Wuhan and travel around the world for the Lunar New Year holiday.

China tightened quarantine measures for worldwide arrivals on Monday as the country worries about a rise in imported cases of the deadly coronavirus and anger raged online at how Europe and the United States are handling the pandemic.

A foreign ministry spokesman warned the USA should "take care of its own business" before stigmatising China. "We urge the USA to stop this despicable practice".

"We urge the U.S.to immediately correct its mistake and stop making unwarranted accusations on China", spokesperson Geng Shuag said at a press conference. "The utmost priority is for the global community to cooperate on fighting the virus".

The COVID-19 pandemic is deepening the rift between the US and China, as the two are now engaged in a blame game over the cause and handling of the global crisis.

Chinese social media users on Monday criticised Europe and the United States over how they are handling the pandemic.

Beijing was criticized for initially attempting to censor some Chinese doctors who sounded an alarm over the virus.

It also followed a Chinese official last week suggesting that the patient who was first detected with the Coronavirus came from the US. The former is the official name of the virus; the latter the name of the disease it causes.

Inside China, numerous citizen journalists and rights activists have accused the Chinese Communist Party of suppressing information about cases and deaths, while claiming that numerous dissidents have been detained.

The relapse of the COVID-19 epidemic in China would not be a great concern under the current prevention and control measures, a Chinese expert said Monday. According to reports, workers are gradually returning to their jobs and Hubei residents who were stranded in other parts of the country are going home after travel restrictions were eased for the first time in two months.

Until now, more than 170,000 people have been infected globally, with 80,000 alone in China.

"This has outraged the Chinese people".

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