Italy records nearly 1000 #COVID19 related deaths, highest in a day

Italy records nearly 1000 #COVID19 related deaths, highest in a day

The US, China, and Italy (in that order) have the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world.

US President Donald Trump attributed the spike in the confirmed cases to the large-scale testing of the deadly disease. They officially have the most number of COVID-19 cases in the world. Italy is the highest at around 10.2%, meanwhile, in the United States, it is about 1.5%.

Spain has become the country in Europe where the outbreak is spreading the fastest.

Johnson, 55, said he was tested Thursday on the advice of the chief medical officer after showing "mild symptoms, of a temperature and a persistent cough". This has left hundreds of millions of people under unprecedented restrictions: a third of the world is now under some form of lockdown.

The picture countrywide, however, is a different one.

The World Health Organization has urged people to cooperate with authorities because the efficacy of a country's lockdown period will depend on the commitment of its citizens.

The situation in countries with more fragile health care systems worsened with Russia, Indonesia and South Africa all passing the 1,000-infection mark. That state tape-recorded 2,305 infections and also 83 fatalities byThursday Mardi Gras parties in New Orleans has been condemned for the break out there.

Los Angeles County has been carrying out an average of 500 per day, compared to New York's capacity of up to 18,000.

The variety of coronavirus infections have actually now covered a half-million worldwide.

Just look at the map below. Health care systems in Europe and NY buckled under the weight of caring for seriously ill victims as officials desperately searched for enough ventilators to keep them alive.

In other grim milestones, AFP tallies showed a total of 300,000 cases now recorded in Europe with more than 26,000 deaths worldwide, and the United States overtook China as the country with the most infections.

"The time to act was actually more than a month ago or two months ago", he said.

"I want to thank everybody involved and, of course, our wonderful NHS (National Health Service) staff", he said, adding "Together we will beat this". However, He stressed that there are still areas with a high rate of infection.

Slow initial response. Mr Cuomo has won much praise for his cool and collected daily briefings, but NY was comparatively slow in enacting measures to help stop the spread.

As the new health crisis loomed, economic catastrophe had already arrived in the city, where many already live in poverty and the tourism industry has screeched to a halt. "We need more workers".

Shares skidded early today in Europe after a mixed day in Asia, where Tokyo's Nikkei 225 jumped while Australia's benchmark sank 5 percent.

The country had 29,155 confirmed cases and 1,696 deaths as of Thursday. The city's convention centre is being turned into a temporary hospital and the state has hit 280 deaths, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

Italy recorded its first death in Vo, and the town was locked down February 22 and the entire population of 3,300 tested.

Italy's previous offer for several European Union countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and others to issue joint debt amid the pandemic was rejected, Financial Post reports.

The country then faced a testing shortage, despite being a biomedical powerhouse. On Wall Street, major indexes were down about 3%, giving up some of the gains the market had piled up over the previous three days. Compare this with Japan, which has almost eight and Germany, which has six. Saint Kitts and Nevis has announced its first case.

As testing increases across the U.S. new hotspots have begun to emerge, including in Louisiana.

However, the increase in new infections was only 7.4 per cent, the lowest since the contagion began to spiral in Italy. It makes it much more hard to concentrate resources, but also to contain the problem.

"We must stop believing that this only affects the elderly", said Manon, who did not reveal her surname. Iran's military hurriedly finished a 2,000-bed field hospital to accommodate the worst outbreak in the Mideast.

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