New York State has 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases

New York State has 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases

State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the spike on Sunday as the Mayor of ny city Bill de Blasio described the outbreak as the biggest domestic crisis since the Great Depression.

The president's alleged inaction, de Blasio said, will directly result in more deaths. The governor said the "drastic action" comes as more than 15,168 total coronavirus cases have been confirmed statewide, with 4,812 of them coming in the past 24 hours.

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"All Americans deserve the blunt truth", Mr de Blasio told NBC News.

"The truth is", de Blasio said, "It's only getting worse".

He also highlighted to New Yorkers that the grocery stores will remain open, public transport will keep running and essential services will still be there.

"How many times can you say, 'you're being reckless and selfish, '" Cuomo said, expressing frustration that some people were not taking his warnings and restrictions seriously.

Starting at 8 p.m. Sunday, there will be some new rules on the New York State Thruway to limit human contact between derivers and toll collectors.

As the White House and Congress continue negotiations on an economic stimulus package to stave off effects of the pandemic, Cuomo also urged them to prioritize helping citizens and local governments.

Here's what it looks like in New York during the coronavirus outbreak

The top infectious disease expert in the United States promised New York City and the other hardest-hit places that critical supplies will not run out. And I do not get it. And deal with it", he said asking the people of NY to "remain indoors to the greatest extent possible to protect physical and mental health.

"I can't be blunt enough. If the president doesn't act, people will die who could have lived otherwise", he said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered non-essential businesses to close and banned gatherings in NY state, a day after his counterpart Gavin Newsom told California's 40 million residents to stay home. Of the 114 people who have died, 70% were 70 years or older, and many had underlying health conditions, he said.

A surgeon in the city is also sounding the alarm about the safety of healthcare workers and the resources available to fight the virus. He says NY hospitals need to double the existing amount of beds, in order to meet the anticipated need when the virus peaks in a few weeks.

Smith has been raising alarms about the rapid surge of patients and dwindling supplies in daily letters to colleagues that are being posted to the Columbia surgery department's Twitter account. "I wish I could use a more comforting word".

The head of Italy's Civil Protection Agency, Angelo Borrelli, noted that the increases had narrowed from recent days, adding "we hope that this trend can be confirmed in the coming days".

"It should be no surprise if these infections appear in clusters associated with the care of infected patients".

During Sunday's press conference, Cuomo displayed a picture of a large gathering of people in Central Park in New York City that he witnessed, and said something needs to change and change immediately because it's risky.

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