NY Bakery Puts ‘Hero’ Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Face On Donuts

NY Bakery Puts ‘Hero’ Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Face On Donuts

Dr Fauci's comments suggesting the virus does better in colder weather than it does in hot and humid conditions follows a recent Chinese research paper - still preliminary and awaiting peer-review - that reached the same conclusion. "It is likely that that should have been done a little bit sooner - not blaming anyone on that but you get caught unaware because the nature of this outbreak". "If you think you're completely invulnerable, you're incorrect", he said.

Like most of us, Noah wanted to know when the country can return back to a more normal way of living.

At this point, what we do know, he said, is that the new coronavirus is "10 times more serious than the typical influenza". "Right now, take New York City, they are getting hit really hard. you can't predict when it will make that turnaround and start coming down". "They've got to be careful they don't reintroduce the virus into China, but they're on the other end of the curve", said Fauci. "Not big crowds, wash your hands a lot", he said. "Which means you can then safely go out into the community and feel immune".

The resulting chat about the virus - which has resulted in more than half a million cases around the world, infecting even UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, we learned on Friday - was informative and full of insights that TV news tends to gloss over in favor of more sensational angles. He has pushed back against Trump's championing of treatments for the illness, including chloroquine phosphate, and as well as his attempts to coin the contentious name, "Chinese Virus". He said that they used edible materials to impart Fauci's face on the product, gradually cranking out at least 1,000 of the tasy circular morsels each day and, by Friday lunchtime, they had sold 2,000 "Doc Donuts". "I can not imagine it's just going to disappear", he said, per the Los Angeles Times. Fauci answered questions about the virus and its severity, including the numbers doctors are dealing with.

Dr. Fauci also stressed the need for social distancing and other preventive measures. "If you do that effectively. you contain it at a very low level".

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