Trump OKs Michigan disaster declaration, Whitmer says it's 'a good start'

Trump OKs Michigan disaster declaration, Whitmer says it's 'a good start'

MI has the fifth-most cases of coronavirus in the nation, with more than 3,600, and at least 92 deaths, as of Saturday.

MI will continue to see an exponential increase in new coronavirus cases and deaths for several weeks, state officials warned Monday.

Last night, President Trump approved Governor Whitmer's request for a Major Disaster declaration in MI.

Gov. Whitmer had sought funds to set up field hospitals and help provide food and housing to people affected by the virus. Surgeon General Jerome Adams told CBS This Morning that Detroit "will have a worse week next week".

Whitmer said she did not make the disaster declaration request sooner than Thursday because she wanted to learn from how other states fared with their requests and because her administration was more focused on getting MI residents to stay home and avoid close contact with one another.

Whitmer responded on Twitter by introducing herself to Trump and saying she's "asked repeatedly and respectfully for help".

"We need more masks and more gloves and more gowns", added the governor.

What a shame that the president is putting his petty ego grievances above the health of an entire state of people. "We need the PPE right now".

Three counties in the Detroit area - Wayne, Oakland and Macomb - account for 87% of the state's deaths and 82% of the illnesses.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) used an unfortunate metaphor Friday when she figuratively urged Michiganders to "lock arms" to fight the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

According to the governor's office, the order is effective for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, but it does not absolve anyone from responsibility for past-due bills.

The governor called the move "a critical step both for the health of families. and for slowing the spread of the coronavirus".

Gretchen Whitmer continued her criticism of the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and blaming the federal government for exacerbating the shortages of much-needed medical supplies at hospitals around the country.

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