Alberta reports 117 new COVID-19 cases as province clears testing backlog

Alberta reports 117 new COVID-19 cases as province clears testing backlog

The province's total number of confirmed cases was 871.

Delayed surgeries and other measures have allowed AHS to free up 1,300 hospital beds across the province, and there should be 2,250 available to treat COVID-19 patients by the third week of April, Kenney said.

In Canada, there are now 8,536 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 96 deaths, according to the latest numbers from the federal government.

Premier Jason Kenney also urged Alberta restaurants, many of which have switched to drive-through or delivery-only options during the crisis, to give long-haul truckers a break.

Alberta has broken a new pandemic record today.

For Alberta, he says, that's western Europe, particularly countries such as France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

"We feel badly for everybody that's affected by this but I think the situation of those folks is much less grave than many others in Alberta", said Kenney.

"We believe these people, these people in Alberta who do not have homes, are entitled to the same dignity and the same rights as other Albertans", Notley said. There are now nine deaths from COVID-19 in Alberta.

In a letter to residents of the facility and their family members, Collins said the centre is likely to continue to see more positive cases until at least April 6, two weeks after an outbreak at the facility was declared.

Notley also questioned how governments meant to help small businesses survive the economic crash and how seniors' lodges and long-term care homes are preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Williamson agrees that there's a wide range of outcomes and says Alberta is now on a "middle-of-the-road" trajectory, likely to avoid a worst-case scenario of Italy but also unlikely to achieve the dramatic success achieved in Singapore, where stringent social distancing measures were imposed early. "I welcome the ongoing opportunity to provide new information to Albertans to help them understand the impact of our collective pandemic response". "We need to keep them fed, fuelled and rested".

Modelling should become more effective and accurate as more data becomes available, Williamson said.

She says he committed to get back to her before the changes come into effect on Wednesday.

Another difficulty with modelling in Alberta is testing procedures, Naugler said. The province changed its testing criteria last week to shift the priority to vulnerable people in the community, including hospitalized individuals with a respiratory illness, health-care workers and residents in long-term care facilities. Previously, testing was focusing on returning travellers. The number of reported cases in Fort McMurray remains at three.

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