Amazon is reportedly delaying Prime Day due to COVID-19

Amazon is reportedly delaying Prime Day due to COVID-19

Inc will delay its July "Prime Day" sales event at least until August, according to a report from Reuters.

Amazon is taking employees' temperature at its warehouses and sending home anyone with a temperature of 100F or more, it has said in a blog post.

Amazon has been scrambling to perform damage control amid alarming reports from employees and demands from US lawmakers regarding its lacklustre response to the covid-19 pandemic, but on Thursday the e-commerce giant's PR crisis spiralled even further. Promotions for members of Amazon's loyalty club, Prime, have also proven an effective way for the company to draw more people during the event to subscribe, at $119 per year in the United States.

Update April third, 4: 51 PM ET: Added that Amazon decreased to remark.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to VICE's report, Zapolsky wrote that there was a "general agreement" among Amazon's top brass about using Smalls to undermine the kinds of ongoing unionizing efforts that have routinely plagued the company.

Amazon also expects to take a $US100 million hit as a result of extra inventory it must sell at a discount, Reuters reported, citing notes from an internal meeting.

The coronavirus has put a strain on Amazon's supply chain and other operations, as it scrambles to prioritise the shipment of "essential" items during the pandemic.

2019 was the most successful Prime Day ever.

This would be the first time we've seen Amazon delay Prime Day since its inception in 2015.

"AWS has certain clusters where we're anxious about government shutting down or employees not being willing to work on scaling efforts", the paper said.

Attempts to increase screening measures come at a time when high-profile protests have hit several Amazon warehouses as workers increasingly fear they will catch the virus by showing up to work.

The online retailer has also come under fire for its treatment of workers, with some at a NY warehouse launching a strike earlier this week.

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