Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nature Day, May Day, & More Explained

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nature Day, May Day, & More Explained

Nintendo has just released the latest free update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, and it comes packed with some exciting new content for the months of April and May.

Following the new update, the character Jolly Redd will begin showing up in his boat to sell artwork to characters on the user's island. However, not every single piece of art he brings over is unique.

Starting April 23, players can look forward to a series of updates, including new characters, features, and limited-time events. Some of it is actually counterfeit. The event contains Nook Miles challenges that can be completed by planting trees and watering flowers.

Purchasing art pieces and donating them to the museum will expand the building to include an art gallery. The full headline reads, "Animal Crossing's Nature Day event is a farce - the Nintendo game teaches kids toxic lessons about the environment".

The Nature Day event will be available to Nook Miles+ members and offer limited-time themed activities.

There are two new island visitors to meet: a green-fingered sloth called Leif and a fox named Redd, who is an art connoisseur.

International Museum Day (May 18-31): adds a stamp book players fill out by visiting in-game exhibits.

As someone in the Go Nintendo forum pointed out, according to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons official companion guide, the language used to describe CJ and Flick's relationship includes words like "roommates" and "business partners", but not boyfriends.

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