Call of Duty Matchmaking Will Force Cheaters to Play Against Each Other

Call of Duty Matchmaking Will Force Cheaters to Play Against Each Other

Infinity Ward says a way to report players via the killcam and spectator mode is in development and coming soon. The cross-platform nature of Warzone has accelerated its spread, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, traditionally segregated from other platforms, facing a growing crowd of PC cheaters.

It's a bit amusing to read really, it was only a few days ago that console players disabled crossplay to avoid bumping into PC cheaters, shortly after Infinity Ward would ban more than 70,000 cheaters in Warzone alone.

In addition to making suspected cheaters have to play against eachother, the post announces players who report them "will receive confirmation in-game when a player is banned". But now Infinity Ward is going a step further in ramping up its anti-cheat measures. The new matchmaking system will match suspected cheaters together.

Players can cheat many ways in "Warzone", including boosting weapon stats or purchasing hacks from third-party developers that claim to unlock extra loot.

The practice of matching cheaters together, usually via so-called "cheater servers" or "bad sport servers", isn't new, and we've seen it implemented in online games like GTA Online and Dark Souls 2. Law-abiding users can report any suspected cheaters to Infinity Ward, which will swiftly ban them.

It's not much of a secret that Call Of Duty: Warzone has a bit of a problem with cheaters. That includes "additional dedicated security measures" and increasing resources behind the scenes, accompanied by several player-facing features to ease player frustrations.

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