Dairy Groups Ask USDA for Food Purchases, Dairy Farmer Relief

Dairy Groups Ask USDA for Food Purchases, Dairy Farmer Relief

They want the agency to use its extensive purchasing power given to it by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Security Act, to alleviate at least some of the stress on the USA dairy industry.

The country doesn't have a problem with shoppers clearing out dairy cases of milk, or the various other milk products in grocery stores - but it's not making up for the closings of restaurants and schools.

This footage was shared by Laura Johnson of Providence Dairy, a farm with 1,200 cows based in Climax, Georgia. The industry is working with the Quebec agriculture and environment departments, he added, "so the disposal of the milk is done in compliance with the regulations".

Recently government had issued an instruction to the local administration to facilitate the supply, transportation, marketing, and other logistics support to the livestock industry businesses as those are perishable items and local dairy farmers could not preserve these. He says they are not able yet to project if any milk will have to be dumped next week. Dairy farmers in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota this week wrote a letter to USDA requesting an additional enrollment period in the Dairy Margin Coverage program.

President of Bangladesh Dairy Farmers' Association (BDFA) Mohammed Imran Hossain told the FE that the notice issued at the eleventh hour, in practical, could not be helpful for local dairy farmers. The Miami Herald reported that the shutdown of the hospitality industry has forced vegetable growers to dump large parts of their harvests.

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