HBO offers hundreds of hours of free programming

HBO offers hundreds of hours of free programming

HBO's list of programming that will be available for free includes a number of their own prestige television show, including The Sopranos, Succession, Veep, Six Feet Under, Barry and The Wire.

These HBO shows are streaming for free as part of the campaign. With iconic series like The Wire, The Sopranos, and True Blood, the premium channel made a name for itself not just by showing popular and classic films, but also by premiering shows that are truly unlike any others that have come before them.

As Variety notes, the motive here may not be purely altruistic, as the free content also serves as a sample platter for potential subscribers of the upcoming HBO Max, but the results are the same either way. Beginning April 3, all of the content below can be streamed for free via HBO Now or HBO Go in the United States without an account. Numerous films are aimed at kids or a family audience, such as "Pokemon Detective Pikachu", "Smallfoot" and "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part".

Several entertainment companies have juggled release dates to serve the vast audience hunting for something to watch while living through shelter-at-home orders due to coronavirus.

As more people are confined to their homes, streaming usage has shot up across platforms. The shows will be available on HBO's two current streaming platforms, HBO Go and HBO Now.

However, Greenblatt said the move was not meant to be a part of that marketing push, which will ramp up in the next few weeks.

But HBO is now following Sling TV's example by offering almost 500 hours of programming free, in the hope that the sampling will result both in consumer goodwill and conversions to paid subscriptions. "If HBO can ease some of that pain and make being confined a little more enjoyable, that's all we're hoping for".

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