IOS 13.4 vs iOS 13.4.5 beta 1 speed test

IOS 13.4 vs iOS 13.4.5 beta 1 speed test

Code found in the iOS 13.4.5 beta has hinted at support for an upcoming low-end Touch ID iPhone with CarKey auto unlocking capabilities. When someone sees this story and clicks on the name of the song, they're taken to the music platform. This will make integration between Apple Music and Instagram easier.

Those who check out your Instagram story will be able to tap on the song to listen to it. When you are listening to a song on Apple Music, you'll open up the menu for that song, tap share, and then tap Instagram. iOS will automatically generate an Instagram story with the album art, song title, and artist's name as well as a colorful, animated background based off of the color palette of the album.

Apple watchOS 6.2 was officially released last week, but that's not the end of developing the operating system for Apple-handheld devices.

The iOS 13.4.5 developer beta has left us with a number of new features that will allow us to see what Apple will introduce into their products and devices.

Instead, Apple is expected to release a series of bug fixes to clean up whatever issues remain (and new ones that were introduced) in iOS 13.4, and The Verifier suggests that these could go as far as iOS 13.4.4, although it's not clear where their information is coming from. By comparison, back in 2018 it took until late May - a week before WWDC - for Apple to deliver the promised AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud features in iOS 11.4, but it was much common back in the early days of iOS to have many more sub-point releases for bug fixes rather than major point releases. Once all the bugs are ironed out and each new feature is finalized, a version of iOS would become public and start rolling out to all the iPads and iPhones that support it.

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