PM Modi to share video message on Friday morning

PM Modi to share video message on Friday morning

"We have set an example to the world. Time is now for all different ideologies to unite to defeat the enemy of mankind", PM said, as quoted by the Arunachal CM. My fellow Indians, today when crores of Indians are inside their homes, then anyone can feel that what will he/she be able to do alone?

"PM is trying to convey to the people governments, Prime Minister or chief ministers can not fight this virus alone and people too have to become part of this effort", Kumar added.

And in this respect, this Sunday on April 5, we should come together to challenge the darkness of Coronavirus. On April 5, 9pm, I need your nine minutes.

The government also launched a mobile app, "Aarogya Setu", to help people assess themselves the risk of catching coronavirus.

When the lights will be shut and when everyone will light up diyas and candles, in that light we should take an oath and say that we are not alone. Nobody is alone. But, please do this activity within the confines of your home. Lockdown and social distancing in (is) the only way to fight COVID19.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Thursday dropped enough hints that the present lockdown could continue beyond April 14.

On March 19, the Prime Minister had called for resolve and restraint to fight coronavirus.

This was Prime Minister Modi's third address to the nation amid the COVID-19 pandemic - the first announced that to curb the spread of coronavirus, people in the country will have to practice social distancing, and asked people to follow the one-day Janata curfew.

With a huge congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in the national capital's Nizamuddin area earlier this month emerging as the biggest hotspot of the coronovirus outbreak, authorities said almost 9,000 people - members of the Jamaat and their primary contacts - have been identified and quarantined across the country. This includes, 1,306 foreigners associated with the Jamaat.

The figures announced by various states, including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi, showed more than 400 positive cases getting detected on Thursday itself - taking the total to 2,360.

-Spain's death toll exceeded 10,000 after a record 950 people died overnight, but health officials noted a slowdown in proportional daily increases in infections and deaths.

It is said that the State is considering of lifting the lockdown in phases and keeping a tight vigil on hotspots like Nanjanagudu, Kalaburagi, Bidar, Bengaluru or any other place where Covid-19 cases continue to be reported.

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