Queen to address country over Covid-19

Queen to address country over Covid-19

Buckingham Palace confirmed the news on Friday (April 3) after the United Kingdom death toll reached 3,605.

Queen Elizabeth's visit to Canada in 1957 marked her first official visit to Canada, where she opened Parliament in Ottawa and addressed Canadians for the first time in a public address that was widely watched.

The extraordinary broadcast is just the fourth time the Queen has given a special address in her reign during times of crisis or grief, following the Gulf War in 1991, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997, and the death of her mother Queen Elizabeth in 2002.

Buckingham Palace revealed that the speech would be played on TV, radio as well as the royal family's social media channels.

The Queen, who has only made a handful of rare televised addresses like this during her 68-year reign, and whose duty as head of state is to maintain neutrality, is likely choosing this moment in time during an worldwide crisis to speak when the nation is completely united, according to CTV News Royal Commentator Richard Berthelsen.

It was recorded in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, where the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, 98, are living in semi-isolation to keep them safe from coronavirus.

The Queen traditionally makes an annual televised speech on Christmas Day.

The televised address will be a rare event, with the head of state only making three previous appearances during troubled times.

It will follow in a long tradition of the Royal Family helping to boost the nation in its darkest hours.

The Queen's son, the Prince of Wales, recently recovered from coronavirus.

The Queen had been due to pre-record her message, but in an unprecedented move for a royal broadcast of this kind, it was decided she should deliver it live.

Earlier this week, he spoke out to offer the country words of encouragement.

However, Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Her Majesty is in good health.

There were concerns for the Queen after one of her footmen received a positive coronavirus diagnosis.

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