TCL won't give us BlackBerry smartphones after August 2020

Sorry, diehard BlackBerry fans.

Yes, you can still walk into a store and buy a BlackBerry in 2020, but those days may soon be over given a recent announcement from BlackBerry phone maker TCL.

TCL Communication, the electronics company that has been making BlackBerry smartphones, said Monday that the partnership has ended and it will stop selling BlackBerry-branded mobile devices in August.

Iconic smartphone brand BlackBerry may be disappearing for good.

The press release said beginning August 31, 2020, TCL Communication will no longer sell BlackBerry-branded mobile devices. However, the brand has officially confirmed that it will provide support to the existing devices until August 31st, 2022.

The BlackBerry fans could lose the chance to shop for one of the devices that had been as soon as so famous that people nicknamed them "CrackBerries".

Whether this means that the license for BlackBerry products will pass to a new manufacturer, we don't know. The company also shut down its once-popular messaging service, BBM, last May. Similarly, the BlackBerry Motion, a model after Key One, also arrived in Europe.

Canada-based BlackBerry licensed its smartphone technology to TCL in 2016 in an effort to revive its fortunes in a smartphone market now dominated by Apple and Android-powered handsets. BlackBerry devices, apart from its keyboard features, had been lauded for the business enterprise's well-seemed security features. These were designed and built by TCL and ran secure software by BlackBerry. But while TCL hasn't weighed in on its decision to end its partnership with BlackBerry, a statement shared by BlackBerry makes the move sound pretty final. The company tried its hand at touch-screen devices like the BlackBerry Storm, but that was a flop.

Instead, BlackBerry turned its attention to the more lucrative business of software, particularly for cybersecurity and "Internet of Things" connected devices like cars. The deal with TCL, announced in December 2016, took all the hardware development off BlackBerry's plate.

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