There is a new notification that drives iPhones insane

There is a new notification that drives iPhones insane

"We value our collaboration with security researchers to help keep our users safe and will be crediting the researcher for their assistance", Apple wrote.

A flaw in the mail app Apple Inc. iPhones and iPads has been exposed, it makes crypto exchange users particularly vulnerable to attacks with their online data.

While Apple has historically been the gold-standard in cybersecurity, this security flaw is the latest in a string of Apple security issues that have been discovered in the past year.

Apple declined to comment. The critical flaws are yet to patched by Apple and are said to be actively used to target high-profile users such as journalists, employees of Fortune 500 companies and VIPs.

Like the attack suspected on Bezos' phone, the hack that ZecOps says it discovered is referred to as a "zero click" attack.

Now, in a new report published by security firm Zecops, it has been found out that a bug in iOS is being exploited by hackers since at least January 2018.

Hackers have triggered two vulnerabilities in the Mail app, which have existed since iOS 6 was released in 2012, giving them the power to leak, modify or delete emails, according to findings by ZecOps. According to the BBC, Apple have acknowledged the issue have stated that a fix will be included in upcoming software updates. The company downplayed the threat, stating that it doesn't believe the flaw has been exploited in the wild, "We have found no evidence they were used against customers", the company said. Bill Marczak, security researcher at Canadian company Citizen Lab also stated that the flaw looks "scary", noting that "a lot of times, you can take comfort from the fact that hacking is preventable".

"We have thoroughly investigated the researcher's report and, based on the information provided, have concluded these issues do not pose an immediate risk to our users", Apple said in a statement.

Until Apple resolves this issue, the only fix is to disable notifications on all affected devices.

Following a routine iOS security probe, researchers found a number of suspicious events affecting the default Mail app.

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