Wisconsin station selling gas for 95 cents as nationwide average hits $1.99

Wisconsin station selling gas for 95 cents as nationwide average hits $1.99

MI gas prices are as low as they've been in almost 1500 days.

Gas prices in the city are about 70.4 cents per gallon lower than a month ago and $1.12 per gallon lower than a year ago.

Pump prices continue to decline around the country as oil prices have decreased significantly in response to the increasing public health, financial and economic impact of COVID-19 and the crude price war between Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia, AAA said.

Nationwide, the average price for gasoline stands at $1.997 per gallon, having dropped by 45 cents in the past month as demand plummeted amid the coronavirus pandemic and a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation.

"Tennessee motorists are seeing dramatic declines in pump prices". In Oklahoma, the average price is $1.55.

The U.S. consumes about 9 million barrels of gasoline per day, the most worldwide.

Gas prices are hitting historic lows, as the national average price falls below two dollars per gallon for the first time in over four years.

Michigan's most expensive gas price averages are in Marquette ($1.92), Traverse City ($1.83) and Ann Arbor ($1.81). "The state average is down 45 cents since March 1", said Megan Cooper, spokesperson, AAA - The Auto Club Group.

Without adjusting for inflation, the last time the national average was under $1 was over 30 years ago in 1988, when it was 90 cents. Dayani told cleveland.com the gas station wants to lure in customers, who may pick up a container of fried chicken, or other items while filling their tanks.

Amid the pandemic, there is "quite a bit more downside that's in the pipeline coming in the weeks ahead", he added. The prices listed above are an average.

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