Wuhan lockdown significantly cuts COVID-19 infections

Wuhan lockdown significantly cuts COVID-19 infections

Of the deaths, 3,182 were reported in Hubei province. Talking to Radio Free Asia, a resident of Wuhan stated, "This figure can not be correct because the detectives are working round the clock". "So, how can it be so few people have died", said Zhang, a Wuhan resident in statements to RFA, a local Chinese radio station. Wuhan residents are now suggesting that Chinese authorities did not report the true scale of casualties due to COVID-19 infections. The world is now struggling to defeat the deadly Coronavirus, which has infected more than 735,000 people and killed over 33,000 people globally.

It has been almost a week since any new cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in Wuhan, China, where the deadly outbreak began late a year ago before infecting over 100 countries worldwide. But Wuhan residents claim 500 urns a day are returned to grieving families from seven different funeral firms in the stricken city - meaning the ashes of 3,500 victims handed out every 24 hours.

China has come under scrutiny for its initial response to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, but has - according to its own numbers - brought the spread under control especially in the initial epicentre of Wuhan city in Hubei province.

"Haven't there been reports on the internet that some people have recovered and checked multiple times but they later died?"

A number of Chinese media organizations are reporting Wuhan has seen a recent increase in urn shipments to eight funeral homes in the city.

A resident of Hubei province instructed RFA that most individuals now really feel that greater than 40,000 folks died in Wuhan earlier than and through the lock-down.

The source added the city had witnessed 28,000 cremations within a span of a month, indicating that the estimates over a two-and-a-half-month time-frame was not exaggerated.

Of Monday's new imported cases, 10 were in the northern region of Inner Mongolia, involving travellers whose flights were diverted to the regional capital of Hohhot from Beijing, state media said.

Another resident who identified himself as Mao, also believed that the official death toll was wrong.

However, other cases have emerged in Hubei and the neighbouring province of Henan of asymptomatic and undiagnosed people going on to infect others, including medical staff. The virus took off from China, spread globally, killed thousands and is now a reason for a lockdown impacting 3 billion people.

"We find that the lockdown of the city of Wuhan contributed significantly to reducing the total infection cases outside of Wuhan, even with the social distancing measures later imposed by other cities", said Yang Yang, one of the researchers and assistant professor of the CUHK's Business School. These new images have raised questions about the real death toll in China.

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