Crowds in Toronto park alarm Canadian officials wary of coronavirus outbreaks

Crowds in Toronto park alarm Canadian officials wary of coronavirus outbreaks

Elliott says rising numbers of new COVID-19 cases in Ontario likely relate to people gathering for Mother's Day contrary to official guidelines.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says health officials have chose to delay implementing a family bubble-type rule or loosening a restriction on gatherings of over five people in part because of what happened at Trinity Bellwoods.

Brad Ross, a spokesperson with the City of Toronto, said officers will try to focus more on education than doling out tickets.

"So we have to stay on guard and the key, our best defense right now, is to ramp up testing", he said, urging people to get tested if they have been exposed or show symptoms of the disease.

"I understand that the photos of people in Trinity Bellwoods were disappointing today". "Gatherings like this, where people aren't keeping their distance from others, run the risk of setting Toronto back significantly in its efforts to stop the transmission of COVID-19". A columnist for The Toronto Star went on to suggest that if the predominant race of those using the park had not been white, law enforcement would have been very different. Cyclists and pedestrians got fresh air and exercise as part ActiveTO, where major roads, such as Lake Shore Boulevard and Bayview Avenue, were closed to motorists to allow people to safely get outside.

But many people took exception to Tory's story, tweeting things like: "Mask down, and not 6 feet".

"Selfish and dangerous" was how Toronto's top doctor summed up the behaviour people who crowded into a downtown park on Saturday during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

They added the physical distancing bylaw will be strictly enforced as well.

On Saturday night, perplexed by the images of the crowd, Mayor John Tory went to the park to ask people what they were doing there.

"I'm not going to punish the whole province because a group of people in Toronto made a decision to get together", Ford said during his daily media briefing on Monday.

Ford said that the park resembled "a rock concert without the band", with social distancing rules seemingly ignored en masse. "I was absolutely shocked", said Ford.

"I get it, it's a attractive day out. that is the reason we opened the parks so that people could get out there and enjoy the weather but the images I saw, we just can't have that right now".

As of Friday evening, close to half of Ontario's active cases are in the Toronto health region, and community spread remains consistent in the province's most populous area.

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"That is the science; that is what experts like Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, tell us", the statement reads.

"We need to continue to maintain that physical distancing for now so we can get back to those regular aspects of life".

According to CP24, when the group was at about 10,000-people, there were 10 police and bylaw officers on scene, who were afraid of risking their own safety if they were to enter the crowd, which they deemed "impossible to patrol". We're by no means out of the woods yet.

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