Hong Kong warns removing USA special status a 'double-edged sword'

Hong Kong warns removing USA special status a 'double-edged sword'

Trump said the administration would begin eliminating the "full range" of agreements that had given Hong Kong a relationship with the USA that mainland China lacked, including exemptions from controls on certain exports.

Despite the tough words, the Dow Jones Industrial Average immediately bounced back into the positive, suggesting investors were expecting harsher measures from Washington.

The decision to begin revoking Hong Kong's special status was sparked by growing fears that Beijing is prematurely stamping out freedoms.

"Beijing clearly has calculated that the collateral damage to their interests from a US retaliatory move was going be manageable", said Daniel Russel, a former USA assistant secretary of state for east Asian and Pacific affairs. I think it is an observation which is very fair and very reasonable.

He noted that the USA contributes about $450 million to the world body while China provides about $40 million.

RUWITCH: The president said that the administration would begin the process of getting rid of the various policy exemptions that give Hong Kong different and special treatment from the rest of China.

A report published by New York Post on Friday said Mr Trump, at press conference in the White House's Rose Garden, accused the World Health Organization "of being under the control of the communist nation (China) and it failed to provide transparency over the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak".

China's central authorities have the absolute right to take action on national security regarding Hong Kong, Cheng told reporters.

He added that the West should promote a stronger response to China's actions, saying that the West had been even more naive with Xi's China than it had with post-Soviet Russia.

Trump has been eager to fan outrage about China to deflect attention from his own handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 100,000 people in the United States, the highest number of deaths of any country, according to the critics. While the European Union has also criticized China's actions in Hong Kong, it ruled out the possibility of attempting to punish the country with sanctions earlier this week.

Trump said last week he's considering holding a meeting in the USA with the leaders of the world's major economies after all.

Johnson invited Trump to take part in the Global Vaccine Summit that the U.K.is hosting on 4 June.

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, D-Springfield, denounced the withdrawal.

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam contends that the freedoms of the press, assembly and speech - long protected in Hong Kong but unthinkable in mainland China - will be maintained after the law is enacted.

"It is said that we are becoming "one country, one system" and we've lost our autonomy", said Cheng.

Now the president has announced a raft of measures on Hong Kong and other issues relating to China that he says are created to hold it accountable.

Trump's announcement came as he delivered a litany of complaints against Beijing, ranging from trade practices to legislative moves that would compromise Hong Kong's autonomy.

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