Japan urges Taiwan's participation in World Health Organization assembly

Japan urges Taiwan's participation in World Health Organization assembly

Usually, the 194 member states of the WHO gather in Geneva but for the first time the event is happening online and it is the most important assembly in the history of the WHO with the world fighting a pandemic with more than 47 lakh people being infected by the Wuhan virus. "We have done everything in our power to support and assist countries in need".

The announcement comes amid growing alarm in Beijing as a coalition of 122 countries led by Australia are planning an inquiry into the pandemic that has devastated the world.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that it would initiate an independent probe into the COVID-19 response.

"After the research and development of China's coronavirus vaccine is completed and it is put into use, it will be made a global public good", said Xi, whose country now has five potential vaccines in clinical trials.

Adhere Cavince, a Kenyan researcher of worldwide relations with a focus on China-Africa relations, said that global health governance requires urgent strengthening, adding that "such cooperation can only take place when countries deal with each other in an honest, transparent, and reciprocal manner".

Noting China's support and help to African countries in the fight against the pandemic, she said the brotherhood is necessary, demonstrating Xi's Chinese vision of "Tianxia", which "means we all live under the same sky".

Washington is also leading a number of countries in demanding that the World Health Organization end its exclusion of Taiwan - considered by Beijing to be part of its territory - and allow it to access its assemblies as an observer. China will establish a cooperation mechanism for its hospitals to pair up with 30 African hospitals and accelerate construction of a disease control and prevention headquarters on the continent.

Countries had not shied away from thorny topics, said the source - including a call for more World Health Organization reform after determining that its capacities had "proven insufficient to prevent a crisis of this magnitude". He claimed he did so because the WHA's proceedings had been shortened due to the virus and said it would restart its campaign to be included later in the year when meetings would be conducted normally.

Twenty-two nations - 14 of the 15 countries that recognize the Taipei government and a group of eight led by the USA and Japan - had been forecast to back Taiwan's participation in a vote ahead of the meeting.

Now more than hundred countries are behind it. But the island's campaign this year has extra heft because of its adroit response to the coronavirus, recording only 440 infections and seven deaths so far.

Washington is locked in an increasingly bitter spat with Beijing, where the pandemic began late past year.

He did this via video link at the invitation of World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

India is among the 120 nations backing the European Union's draft resolution.

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