Michelle Obama Gets The Documentary Treatment In "Becoming"

Michelle Obama Gets The Documentary Treatment In

In the documentary, Michelle, 54, spoke about one change she made early which was to the uniform of the White House butlers who she thought were sending the wrong message to their daughters. "You know?" Malia explains of her father, Barack Obama's, eight-year presidency. "I'm so thankful to her for the opportunity to be a part of this". Upon entering the White House in 2008, Obama, 56, had some changes she wanted to make, especially on behalf of her young daughters, Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18, who were no more than 10 and seven years old when they entered the 1600 Penn address.

During one of her tour stops, Malia is reportedly seen visiting Michelle backstage.

Her stadium-sized tour sold out in numerous venues around the world, including an audience with Michelle Obama at London's Royal Festival Hall which sold out in minutes.

"Barack and Michelle Obama's time as President and First Lady had an impact on the history of this country and the world that is hard to put into words, but both Michelle Obama's book and Nadia Hallgren's film do an awesome job of it!" The people announcing her are household names - Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien - and the camera follows Obama from behind as she rolls her shoulders and steps out into the light. Malia said to her mum.

He said, "I think she's had it with politics", but added that "having her as VP would be wonderful".

When her mum asks her why she's always crying, she gushes about her achievements, saying she loves seeing people acknowledging her hard work. "You see that huge crowd out there and that last kind of speech you gave about - people are here because people really believe in hope and hope in other people". It's a development that is hardly surprising at this point, given the Obama family's penchant for incredible music. It's a slick, emotional hour and a half that allows for a calibrated peek behind the scenes of Michelle Obama's life on the road and offers much to those who want to bask in the familiarity that comes with checking in on a beloved American Icon.

The film is a documentary, of course, focused on Michelle Obama, one of the most admired and well known people on the planet.

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