NBA Starts Allowing Teams To Test Asymptomatic Players For Coronavirus

NBA Starts Allowing Teams To Test Asymptomatic Players For Coronavirus

On Friday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and key members of the National Basketball Players Association, including executive director Michele Roberts, assembled on a conference call to discuss the league's status amid the global coronavirus pandemic. "We think it would be safer to be in a single location, or two locations, to start", he said in a recording of the call obtained by ESPN.

As many have been expecting Silver once again reiterated his own belief that regardless of if or when the current season concludes, it's a very real possibility that the 2020-21 season won't begin until December.

Wojnarowski reports the commissioner also said he hoped that the league's playoffs would consist of best-of-seven game series in every round and would not be shortened.

Through it all, Silver reminded players that these were issues that needed to be collectively bargained with the NBPA.

One might assume that will have a massive impact on the salary cap, a point Silver reportedly didn't downplay.

Silver told players that teams would need a three-week training camp when they get back.

"We have been assured we are not taking any tests from healthcare workers, first responders, or anyone whether they are experiencing symptoms or asymptomatic", the Magic told Woj in a statement (Twitter link). "As we've been told, the general public in our community can go to numerous locations to receive a coronavirus test".

In a small sign of progress this week, teams were allowed to open their facilities in states where stay-at-home restrictions have eased. Silver said he found those remarks disheartening, sources said, because a vaccine is likely more than a year away from production. USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt has the details of the discussion, which addressed potential single-site venues where teams could gather (Orlando or Las Vegas), and the NBA's proposed protocol for dealing with a positive COVID-19 test.

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