Peter Manfredonia, Suspect in 2 Connecticut Murders, Arrested Unharmed After Uber Rides

Peter Manfredonia, Suspect in 2 Connecticut Murders, Arrested Unharmed After Uber Rides

A college student sought by police as a suspect in a crime spree including two slayings in CT has been captured in Maryland, police said Wednesday night.

Manfredonia was found in Hagerstown, Maryland. He was seen with the same bag at the Chambersburg store, state police said. Police identified Manfredonia as the alleged killer of 62-year-old Theodore Demers, who had been attacked with a machete.

As the search continued into the week, calls were sent out for Manfredonia to surrender and end the manhunt.

Manfredonia, who was captured in Maryland, was not injured, officials said. Manfredonia allegedly drove to Derby, Connecticut, where he allegedly killed an acquaintance, Nicholas J. Eisele, 23, inside his home, abducted another resident, stole a auto and fled, according to police.

Peter Manfredonia, 23, a 2015 Newtown High School graduate, was apprehended in Hagerstown, Maryland Wednesday night, May 27 after five days on the run.

Manfredonia, 23, a senior who was not living on campus, was wanted in connection with the deaths in CT of Theodore DeMers, 62, and Nicholas Eisele, 23, and the injury of another person.

Interviews and security camera footage showed him walking behind the store on a set of train tracks with a duffel bag carrying the stolen guns, Pennsylvania police said. Police found Eisele dead in his residence.

The 23-year-old girlfriend was located Sunday at a rest stop near Paterson, New Jersey, with her 2016 Volkswagen Jetta.

Investigators have not elaborated on a possible motive for the crimes.

Police said he drove a stolen vehicle to New Jersey, where he left the abducted person, who was not injured, and then took an Uber to Pennsylvania.

From there, Manfredonia was dropped off by an Uber rideshare in front of a Walmart store in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, State Police announced Tuesday.

A man fitting his description was spotted Tuesday night near Scranton, Pennsylvania, prompting another search there.

Michael Dolan, attorney for the Manfredonia family, says the accusations against Peter Manfredonia are completely out of character. "It's time to let the healing process begin", Dolan said.

Witness descriptions and images from surveillance video matches that of Manfredonia. "He's been a kind-hearted person who has no history of violence or any trouble with the law".

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