Russian COVID-19 cases climb over 380000

Russian COVID-19 cases climb over 380000

Russia's regions have mostly followed Moscow's lead in its response to the pandemic as well as with counting cases, so revising the counting method may lead to an increase in the death toll across the country.

In recent days in Russian Federation from the coronavirus died, 232 people - the maximum number since the epidemic began, said on Friday, the operational headquarters for the fight against infection.

Moscow's health department also reported that 756 people had tested positive for the coronavirus but "died due to other reasons". Of that number, 1,136 deaths were directly caused by confirmed COVID-19, while the remaining 539 tested negative but most likely died of the virus.

Health officials in Moscow updated their figures on coronavirus deaths Thursday, seeking to dispel doubts about Russia's comparatively low COVID-19 death toll.

Russian Federation has now almost 380,000 confirmed infections - the world's third highest number behind the USA and Brazil.

The new counting method has not yet been used to revise the official death toll for Moscow or Russian Federation. Russians also have lower incomes and don't have a habit of socializing in public places - such as co-working spaces, widespread in NY, and restaurants. The official overall death toll is 4,374. In cases when COVID-19 isn't considered the main cause, it's always mentioned as the underlying illness.

Amid the virus, Kremlin announced that it was coordinating with countries including France to invite President Macron among other leaders to attend the annual military parade in Moscow on June 24 to celebrate victory over Nazi Germany in World War-II.

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