Social media reaction to Tom Brady-Peyton Manning charity golf match

Tiger Woods didn't miss a fairway and earned some revenge on Phil Mickelson.

After being teased by commentator Charles Barkley, Brady holes-out on the seventh hole Par 5.

And Drew Brees wants to play the victor, offering an opportunity to settle which of the three quarterbacks is the greatest out on the greens.

We've all been starving for live sports and competition amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Brady had quickly become a laughing stock before dunking that shot.

Brady won't be forgetting this round of golf anytime soon.

If there's one certainty about golf, it's that the game always finds a way to humble a player. Golf has never been summed up better than these two videos. After three - Manning, Mickelson and Brady - hit the mark, Wilson and Ciara will now be donating 300,000 meals to the COVID-19 relief cause. The first edition of the "The Match" was a head-to-head golf challenge played on November 23, 2018 between Woods and Mickelson at the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, had a little fun Sunday afternoon in the name of charity.

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