Sony Interactive Entertainment establishes PlayStation Studios umbrella brand for first-party titles

Sony Interactive Entertainment establishes PlayStation Studios umbrella brand for first-party titles

The impetus behind the new PlayStation Studios brand and its corresponding animation is simple, according to Lempel: Sony wants consumers to understand just how much weight the company puts behind all of its first-party developers.

When first-party games coming out for the PS5-whenever that is-gamers will see that new branding. Throughout all of this, it's underscored by dramatic orchestral music, and basically, it has very strong Marvel Studios vibes.

For Sony, the launch of the PlayStation Studios brand is a purely marketing move. You'll see this branding applied to both pre-existing franchises as well as all-new series.

A new Sony patent reveals innovations for a PlayStation virtual assistant that could help with real-time gaming. Once it does make its full debut, it will appear at the beginning of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and even upcoming Sony PC games like the Horizon: Zero Dawn/em port. He also mentioned the parallels with Marvel film openings that many people will surely pick up on. Whether this is simply a clerical error or some form of Knack erasure remains to be seen, but we won't forget this.

KitGuru Says: Sony could be a bit more open about its PS5 plans, especially if it is still planned for a 2020 launch.

That said, I think if the games compromised by just having a simple "PlayStation Studios Presents" like the SCE or SIE intros of old when you boot them up.

"We're all huge Marvel fans", Lempel said.

What we really wanted to do was create a way to bring the consumer into the world. But this is really about doing something specifically for our games and our industry. The Last of Us: Part II or Ghosts of Tsushima. Last week during Microsoft's next-gen showcase, Codemasters announced DIRT 5, the latest entry in the studio's long-running offroad racing franchise.

Despite its launch being significantly less than a year off, the PS5 is an entirely black box with few, if any, attributes formally revealed by Sony to the general public.

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