The real reason why Mary-Kate Olsen is getting divorced

The real reason why Mary-Kate Olsen is getting divorced

Mary-Kate Olsen is in the process of getting a divorce from husband of five years Olivier Sarkozy.

There's a lot to unpack here and divorce is always sad and hard, but is anyone else surprised that even the very wealthy Mary-Kate Olsen has to rent? It's become a "heated divorce", the source adds. "She's done with constant drama". Unfortunately, it looks like things are getting messy and Olsen is trying to fast-track the divorce proceedings because Sarkozy is attempting to have her removed from the couple's NY apartment. Mary-Kate reportedly requested Sarkozy give her until May 30, and the documents indicate that filing for divorce is the only way to protect her property.

Mary-Kate claims she signed a petition in April to divorce the 50-year-old, but was unable to file as courts were not accepting non-emergency filings amid the pandemic.

She's requesting an emergency order to allow her to file the divorce. In her claim, she explains how a divorce petition will automatically trigger a court order preventing him from throwing out all her property until she's able to safely relocate. However, Sarkozy's attorney, Adam Turbowitz, sent an email to Olsen's legal team that expressed that his client had already "noticed that a number of items of personal property were removed from the apartment". She has also reportedly requested that their prenuptial agreement be enforced. But she can't meet Monday's deadline because of the current city regulations, re: the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The couple first started making headlines in 2012 before tying the knot in 2015.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen attend the CFDA Fashion Awards at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on June 03, 2019 in New York City.

"Unless an emergency develops in a marriage that requires immediate court action to protect a spouse or child, new divorce cases can not be filed in NY".

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