Trump Ramps Up His War On Vote By Mail

Trump Ramps Up His War On Vote By Mail

He went after a number of states that are beginning to send out absentee ballot applications. "We call on all voters who can to vote by absentee ballot for this primary election".

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace responded to President Donald Trump's recent claims that there is extensive voter fraud associated with vote by mail. "I have the authority & responsibility to make sure that they know how to exercise this right - just like my GOP colleagues are doing in GA, IA, NE and WV". Trump narrowly defeated then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by 47.50% to 47.27% in MI in 2016. For example, Trump voted by mail, because he's registered to vote in Florida. A federal judge blocked the group's first lawsuit on the grounds that it lacked standing. The county clerk's office will simply double-check the absentee ballots received in the office prior to canvass.

A hearing on that is scheduled for Friday. The same new law that allowed people to vote absentee by mail for these primaries because of the pandemic also lets county election officials to open that outer envelope the day before the election, state Election Commission spokesman Chris Whitmire said.

Democrats in Congress were thwarted by Senate Republicans in their efforts to provide more funds for mail voting in coronavirus relief bills.

President Trump on Tuesday repeated his warning that allowing voting by mail will result in a "Rigged Election" and blasted California's Democratic governor his plan to ballots to all residents of the state.

The president has repeatedly asserted that mail-in voting creates opportunities for fraud, but voter fraud is extremely rare according to political scientists and voting experts. Several states canceled in-person voting and expanded vote-by-mail, while others postponed their primary elections. At the least, he said, it reminded voters of the option to vote from home. The March 17/April 28 primary election illustrated the importance of simplifying Ohio's cumbersome and confusing vote-by-mail process as we look ahead to a pandemic-challenged election in November. The state has among the strictest requirements in the country for voting absentee, which is generally only available for those over age 65, who have a disability or illness, or will be out of the state during the election. Bernalillo County has mailed out more than 101,000 ballots so far, and voters have returned nearly 34,000.

"Given COVID-19, vote by mail will play a critical role in the 2020 elections as voters look to protect their health and participate in democracy", said Theresa Lee, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of MI, in another press release announcing that group's involvement in the same lawsuit. Ballots must be postmarked or in the drop boxes by June 2 to be counted.

Charlson praised the U.S. Postal Service for arranging for a truck with multiple drivers to deliver ballots printed in Minnesota to Baltimore on multiple consecutive nights.

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