Vince McMahon argues Oliver Luck was sacked from XFL for cause

Vince McMahon argues Oliver Luck was sacked from XFL for cause

A new document released shows that there was a guaranty put in place that Vince McMahon would "irrevocably and unconditionally" pay Luck via the XFL's parent company, Alpha Entertainment.

Luck is suing McMahon, alleging breach of contract and wrongful termination, after he was sacked on April. 9.

At this point in the process, McMahon has stated to the U.S. District Court of CT that he did in fact have a list of justifiable reasons to fire their commissioner. Vince McMahon's reasoning for firing XFL CEO and Commissioner Oliver Luck one day before he shut down the XFL for good is over three main issues.

But now, Vince's attorney has filed his own court docs spelling out the reasons McMahon axed Luck.

Luck filed a federal lawsuit last month over his April 9 termination, alleging McMahon breached their contract. The rebooted XFL was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic six weeks into its debut season.

McMahon's attorneys stated these complaints about Oliver Luck in a pre-trial motion that was held today. The biggest reason is his handling of the COVID-19 situation, but a surprising reason that was listed was the league's signing of former Cleveland Browns receiver, Antonio Callaway.

First, McMahon claims Luck "effectively abandoned his responsibilities" on March 13 by shutting down the XFL offices in CT. and instead, working from home in Indiana. Vince further claimed that Luck did not inform him of his intentions. Luck was aware that Vince asked for final approval rights to any players with a questionable background. The filing continues on that "Luck failed to promptly terminate Callaway in accordance with McMahon's instructions", and then Callaway injured his knee in a Tampa Bay Vipers practice, which triggered medical costs and worker's compensation costs for the startup. Luck disputes and rejects the allegations in McMahon's legal team's statement.

Luck's argument, according to court docs, is that Callaway didn't violate the XFL's personal conduct policy. The guarantee would be moot if a court finds the reasons for Luck's dismissal were valid. Luck, who's the father of retired National Football League quarterback Andrew Luck, was under contract with an annual salary of $5 million.

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