Amazon brings Drop In feature that makes all Alexa devices as intercom

Amazon brings Drop In feature that makes all Alexa devices as intercom

In other news, the Echo Auto is making its way to Australia and the Lenovo Smart Tab M10, VW Golf 8, and Sonos Arc are getting Alexa built-in.

Note that this isn't all devices with Alexa: it's limited to Amazon Echo devices. Echo Look and its pair app could also help you monitor what you usually wore, and could also tap into Amazon's numerous shopping services to help you choose new outfits to suit you best in any occasion. So now you can call another Echo device from one near you and speak to someone without that person essentially having to "accept" the call. Amazon envisioned this feature as a way to keep modern families connected, though your mileage may vary.

According to Amazon's blog, "customers can now use group "Drop In" to instantly connect all of their Echo devices into a group conversation".

This drop in feature lets you turn all your Alexa-powered speakers into intercom systems.

As you'd expect, you need to approve "drop in" features before you can use them.

A similar function has been added to the reminder feature.

That's it. Now you can "drop in" between two devices in your home. Previously, you had to state which device you specifically wanted to Drop In on. It can also be used with Fire Tablets and the Alexa smartphone app. Unlike Alexa Announcements, which give you the ability to broadcast to your Amazon Echo devices around the home, Drop In allows for two-way talking.

To start a group Drop In conversation, ask Alexa to "Drop In everywhere". Users can now choose "all devices" when setting a reminder for the reminder to be played across all Alexa hardware. That means the reminder will play across all of your Alexa devices at once.

After finishing these five quick steps, you are good to go with the new feature. To do that, head to Settings Reminders and opt into "Announce on all devices".

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