Another 1200 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in L.A. County

Another 1200 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in L.A. County

Amid the re-opening of businesses across Los Angeles County, the coronavirus pandemic has experienced a recent surge over the last few weeks resulting in a total of 91,467 cases reported Thursday, June 25.

Authorities urge residents to cover their faces and stay away from each other.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday that a rise in coronavirus cases is worrying, and warned counties to heed statewide precautions and enforce them.

"We're concerned not only for the people who are out and who are not wearing their face coverings or keeping their distance from others, but we're also concerned for the people that may unknowingly infect their parents, their grandparents, their friends and their family who have underlying health conditions and who are at greater risk for serious illness and death".

The 1,260 new cases reported by the county, along with another 132 reported by Long Beach health officials, lifted the overall county total to 89,622. "We cannot support bad behavior, but we can encourage and support good behavior", Newsom said.

The state is trying to counterbalance the requirement of reopening the business along with maintaining the sustenance of around 40 million people as well as safeguarding them from the infectious virus.

Los Angeles County was also anxious over the hikes in hospitalizations and spread rate.

"We can not support bad behaviors, but we want to encourage and support good behavior", Newsom said.

"To everyone who is facing the sorrow of losing a loved one to COVID-19, we are thinking of you every day and we are so sorry for your loss", said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health.

"He's a policy wonk and maybe he actually believes that the people who are watching him and listening to him want that data more than they want the simpler message, the more powerful message", she said.

The governor's warning fits in with those made by city and state leaders in other parts of the USA, including across the South, who have said a growing number of youth are testing positive.

Some officials across the country have pointed to parties, bars and other gatherings as where the spread is happening.

It is unclear if the protests had an impact.


Although no clusters of cases have been specifically linked to recent mass protests against police brutality, Ferrer said it was also highly likely that those marches - many of which included large numbers of people without masks and ignoring social-distancing mandates -caused more spread of the virus.

CNN has reached out to the county's health department for further details. Infections at some prisons are raising concerns.

The county's health department said in a statement Tuesday that there were 1,515 people who were still hospitalized, 27 percent of which were in the ICU and 18 percent on ventilators.

In San Francisco, officials said some test sites that offer free tests do not ask people to get tested if they recently participated in a demonstration.

"We monitor our data continuously to inform our guidance and reopening actions. We are encouraging anyone who protested to be tested", the statement said.

One of them - San Quentin State Prison - has more than 450 inmates who have tested positive. About 42% of prisoners at the facilities are medically vulnerable, Newsom said.

LA County's numbers join the overall 69% rise in COVID-19 cases across California, an increase that spanned only two days.

The governor said the state recently submitted a plan to the courts for several inmates nearing their release date to be released from prison early, to help reduce the facility's populations.

That process will begin July 1 and will be expedited for facilities like San Quentin, Newsom said. More than 5,630 have died.

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