Bolton talked Trump out of end-of-war declaration with Kim

Bolton talked Trump out of end-of-war declaration with Kim

The United States has not asked Tokyo to pay more to keep its troops in the country, Japan's defense minister said, after a report cited former National Security Adviser John Bolton as saying he conveyed U.S. President Donald Trump's demand for an $8 billion (857 billion yen) annual payment.

Bolton also said he can not be "certain" of a peaceful transfer of power if Trump is defeated in the November presidential election, something that Republicans should be "careful" of.

"I think the effect will be likely marginal", deems Richard Vatz.

Bolton added that he will vote for neither Trump nor Democrat Joe Biden in the November presidential elections.

"Part of the problem describing what happens in Trump administration foreign policy is that what seems to be decided on day one is sometimes reversed on day two", the former national security adviser said in the livestreamed interview. Instead, he will "figure out a conservative Republican to write in" on the ballot.

Bolton said he thinks North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "gets a huge laugh" over Trump's perception of their relationship.

Bolton said he advised Trump in early June that neither an end-of-war declaration nor sanctions relief should come before complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. In a 10-page order, U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth sharply criticizes Bolton and while he suggests that the national security concerns may indeed be valid, he rejects the government's argument that an injunction would be effective at this point given its already-wide circulation and discussion in the media.

Mr. Bolton was asked about the firing of Geoffrey Berman, the USA attorney for the Southern District of NY whose office was investigating some of the president's associates.

"No doubt the race will tighten in the coming months, so the Bolton revelations, rather than having a direct impact on the race, could indirectly impact the race in the fall when Biden debates Trump and the issue is brought up - where it undoubtedly will - by Biden and his running mate in the presidential debates", he predicts.

In his interview, Bolton said he had resigned, noting that the "last straw" for him was when Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David during Afghan peace negotiations.

Moreover, Bolton backs up the allegations at the centre of Trump's impeachment past year that he pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt to weaken Biden's presidential bid.

Mr Bolton, describing a conversation with Mike Pompeo, wrote in his memoir that the current secretary of state "thought Mulvaney would do essentially whatever Ivanka [Trump] and [Jared] Kushner wanted him to do" as acting chief of staff, "which anxious both of us philosophically".

Republican senator Tim Scott told ABC's This Week on Sunday that he also wished Bolton "would have come into the House under oath and testified".

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