Download iOS 13.5.1 now

Download iOS 13.5.1 now

You can download the update now on the companion Watch app by going to the My Watch tab and selecting General Software Update. Safari doesn't offer in-app translation.

Rooting, colloquially known as 'jailbreaking, ' refers to the concept of obtaining root access to a device that lets oneself install third-party apps and tweaks which would otherwise be restricted by the official app store and manufacturer policies.

The cool part of the translation feature is that it works using the Neural Engine on-device; this means that it can be used even when an iPhone has no internet service. The site added that there's also the possibility of allowing users to switch languages from the original text to the translated version on the fly - much like the Translate option on Google Chrome.

The report says that users will be able to either translate a page manually or set Safari to automatically translate all pages into the language of their choice. Always want to be able to read your tech news in a different language to your iPhone's operating system? (If you decide to try it, make sure you create a software backup.) The jailbreak also can't be executed remotely, making it less effective for malicious hacking purposes. It's not clear if the same translation features will be included - but we'd expect them to be - and the software suggests a big upgrade is increased Apple Pencil support.

Additionally, 9to5Mac reported that web browsers on iPadOS 14 may feature full support for Apple's Pencil accessory as well.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 14 in its keynote speech at WWDC later this month.

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