Google Postpones Android 11 Online Event

Google Postpones Android 11 Online Event

Google previously delayed the launch of the android 11 Beta until the 3rd of June, which is this Wednesday and now Google has chose to delay it again.

In a statement on the Android Developer website, it said: "Now is not the time to celebrate", and more details would be shared "soon".

Sony, meanwhile, is still scheduled to unveil the launch games for the new PlayStation 5, at a streamed event on Thursday, 4 June.

Android 11 Beta has been delayed again by Google after the protests in the U.S. and the COVID-19 spreading.

While the reason for the delay is unclear in the tweet, it is all due to protests, looting, and fires stemming from the response of certain groups to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

As yet we do not know exactly when Google will release the first Android 11 beta, as soon as we get some information, we will let you guys know.

The tech giant earlier planned to showcase new features in Android 11 on June 3. Q3 2020 was the original plan and that'll still happen, but the various betas are pushed back by a month each - which was the plan before the protests derailed Google's schedule. Moreover, it will include talks on topics related to many other features from Google. Android Developers tweeted saying "this is not the time to celebrate", which it is to program developers when they launch a software. Nationwide protests have created a state of civil unrest, and people all around the country are being affected by the happenings. In the meantime, we remind you that we recently tried the Developer Preview 4.

Beta 1 release moves to June 3.

It was announced that Beta1 would include the final SDK and NDK APIs with this release and open up Google Play publishing for apps targeting Android 11.

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