How to schedule a tweet natively on Twitter

How to schedule a tweet natively on Twitter

Saving drafts has been available on Twitter's mobile applications (both Android and iOS) for a while, and it was high time the company brought the same on the web.

Microblogging site Twitter has released the feature of the schedule giving a big gift to its users. Click that and you can specify when you want your tweet to be sent. In there, you'll notice a new calendar and clock icon, which allows you to schedule tweets. Mind you, you will be able to use the "schedule tweets" option on the web client and not on your mobile app, which would have been more appropriate for average users. You'll see an overview of all unfinished tweets when you head there, next to a "Scheduled" section. And that is the ability to schedule tweets in the future on Twitter.

Twitter has today started rolling out a tweet-scheduling feature to its web app. And you can even select the time zone. However, drafts written in the web app will only sync to other instances of the web app, which means you can not write a draft on the mobile app and open it on the web version of Twitter.

The brand new feature was, needless to say, announced through the official Twitter service account on the platform. To access saved tweets, open the compose box and select the Drafts option at the top. Users will get three options at the lower left side while drafting the tweet. But now, you can just do it in the main Twitter interface.

Scheduling tweets are especially important when it comes to those who want to schedule multiple tweets at different timings. I guess we won't need Buffer any longer.

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