Jobless claims continue to fall in state and Valley

Jobless claims continue to fall in state and Valley

The state has not been denying anyone unemployment insurance benefits for COVID-19 related reasons, such as concerns about contracting coronavirus on the job or being ordered to quarantine.

Manufacturing had the highest number of new claims.

During the week ending June 13, residents of Northeast Tennessee, an eight-county region that includes Washington, Carter, Sullivan and Unicoi counties, filed 649 new claims for unemployment.

"More than 760,000 additional claims were reported for the week ending June 13 under the expanded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program".

Unemployment was highest in Nevada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, New York and MI, with the largest increases in claims filed in California, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, New York and Maryland.

It has also paid out $277.5 million in federal dollars for PUA benefits and $1.32 billion in federal dollars for the $600 a week Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefits - bringing the total in federal and state trust fund payouts to around $2.5 billion since March 29. "That suggests we are still dealing with more than 2 million new claims in the latest week", senior economic analyst Mark Hamrick said in an email to IBTimes. A year ago, the state and national unemployment rates hovered around 3 and a half percent. About 55,000 received benefits last week.

"It is essentially a line of credit so we asked for greater authority than we now think we will need so that we have it just in case we need it", Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday.

The number of people receiving unemployment aid also fell slightly, reflecting the return of many to their old jobs.

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