Minneapolis to ban chokeholds by police, require officers to report illegal restraint

Minneapolis to ban chokeholds by police, require officers to report illegal restraint

The case of George Floyd, an African American man who died in Minneapolis police custody, is only one of many examples of police brutality against people in the United States, Gay J. McDougall, a professor in Leitner Center for International Law and Justice in NY said on Friday at a video conference of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights. In New York, thousands marched over Brooklyn Bridge, while in Washington and Los Angeles curfews were lifted and crowds reduced.

That salient fact gives me a unique perspective on policing and on the obvious responsibility of the three other Minneapolis cops who were with now former Officer Derek Chauvin to not turn blind eyes while he took Mr. Floyd's life.

"It was not the coronavirus pandemic that killed George Floyd", Crump said during the first memorial for Floyd since his brutal killing.

The lawmaker also proposed holding a European anti-racism summit on combating structural discrimination in Europe. A eulogy by Rev. Al Sharpton included 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence - the amount of time that a police officer pressed his knee into Floyd's neck, causing his death.

Floyd's death has reignited long-felt anger over police killings of African-Americans and unleashed a nationwide wave of civil unrest unlike any seen in the USA since Martin Luther King Jr's 1968 assassination. Thursday's event was part memorial, part a call to action to end police violence and the culture that many say has led to the deaths of so many African-Americans and other people of colour at the hands of people. He added: "Get your knee off of our necks!"

Mr Plunkett said Kueng allegedly told his fellow officers as they were detaining George Floyd: "You shouldn't do that".

Sharpton vowed that this will become a movement to "change the whole system of justice".

Floyd, a Houston native who had worked security at nightclubs, was unarmed when taken into custody outside a corner market where an employee had reported that a man matching his description tried to pay for cigarettes with a counterfeit bill.

"It's insane man, all these people came to see my brother, it's fantastic he touched so many hearts", he said. "Make America Not Embarrassing Again", read another.

Protests around the country had initially been marred by the setting of fires and smashing of windows, but Friday marked at least the third day of more subdued demonstrations, including a heartfelt tribute to Floyd Thursday in Minneapolis that drew family members, celebrities, politicians and civil rights advocates.

"What we saw in that video was evil".

The document requires officers "regardless of tenure or rank" to "attempt to safely intervene by verbal and physical means" if they see another officer using unauthorized force.

He also commented about the protests that have occurred across the country and the world since Floyd's death, saying that this time is different.

It has also posed Donald Trump with one of the greatest challenges of his tumultuous presidency. The measure calls for improved training for police departments and standards for how the use of deadly force and misconduct are investigated, among other aims.

The 80-year-old civil rights icon told CBS This Morning that the current protests felt "so much more massive and all-inclusive".

Some of the protests were marred by rioting and looting in the early days, but they have been mostly peaceful since then.

On Thursday, the three newly arrested officers made their first appearance in court and were ordered to remain held, with bail set at $750,000 each.

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