Red Deer back to no active cases of COVID-19

Red Deer back to no active cases of COVID-19

Provincewide, there were 538 active cases, six more than reported on Tuesday, though another 44 cases were confirmed by AHS on Wednesday.

In her Tuesday update, Hinshaw said over 6,500 tests had been done, and fortunately there have been no additional deaths. There have been 153 deaths related to the virus in the province.

People who were in that delayed shipment are being contacted, and being advised to get another test just to ensure they are not infected.

Deena Hinshaw, said 62 per cent of those they've spoken with so far think the need for human connection is great enough that guidelines need to be reconsidered.

There are now 12 active cases in Fort McMurray.

25 cases in Wood Buffalo recovered from COVID-19, including 22 in Fort McMurray.

In addition to Dr. Hinshaw's report, Health minister Tyler Shandro said the province is spending $10 million on voluntary serology testing for targeted groups for past exposure. Serology testing will not replace the current tests used to determine whether someone now has COVID-19, and does not indicate if someone is immune.

AHS declares an outbreak at a particular location once it's met a certain threshold of cases.

"We've come a long way, keeping our case numbers and hospitalization rates low".

There were 36 people are in hospital in Alberta due to COVID-19, including seven requiring intensive care.

In total, AHS has completed 409,352 tests and have confirmed 7,825 cases.

An outbreak is also being declared at a hospital in Edmonton, where there have been six patients and two staff members within a single unit who have tested positive.

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