SpaceX Astronauts Welcomed Aboard International Space Station

SpaceX Astronauts Welcomed Aboard International Space Station

SpaceX's first flight has prompted discussions on space travel privatization and whether space tourism will soon become the new norm, especially as it's expected to become more and more affordable the more routinely it takes place, considering the increasing competition between companies. That includes for NASA's ambitions to put people on the moon in 2024.

"Bravo on a magnificent moment in spaceflight history", NASA's Mission Control piped in from Houston.

NASA final despatched astronauts into area on a model new automobile 40 years in the past firstly of the area shuttle program. The launch also marked the first time that a private aerospace company has sent people to space. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has described this part of the mission as his "biggest concern", according to Business Insider, owing to an asymmetrical design of the spaceship and a minor chance of rotation as it flies through the atmosphere at many times the speed of sound.

The following day after the launch, the Crew Dragon capsule successfully docked with the ISS, allowing Hurley and Behnken to join the current Expedition 63 crew members of the station. Just in case, they slipped back into their pressurized launch suits and helmets for the rendezvous. The crews will perform checks of the Crew Dragon while it's docked at the ISS, but it will mostly remain inert, like a parked vehicle in a lot.

Dubbed Demo-2, this is a test flight. The capsule will serve as their lifeboat during their space station visit.

As for the docking procedure with the ISS, Hurley noted that it was smoother than the previous Space Shuttle missions. Hurley was on that last shuttle crew. The Crew Dragon flight is the culmination of a process in which Washington begins a competition from outer space among private companies, which the newspaper describes as an act of deregulation, rapine and irrationality. "But then you fold into that the historic aspect of the whole day and what it means it means to America, what it means to our space program". SpaceX has been calling them "dads" to drive home the fact that two lives were at stake in this highly technical effort. The Crew Dragon also sports a toilet in case they needed to use the facilities during the trip (though the crew did not say if they used it). The timing will depend on Dragon checkouts in orbit and launch preparations for the company's next astronaut flight, now targeted for the end of August. NASA had been shelling out tens of millions of dollars for every Soyuz seat. The Dragon capsule docked to the ISS flawlessly and without human intervention. They said the liftoff was pretty bumpy and dynamic, nothing the simulators could have mimicked.

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