Trump Considering Suing His Niece Over Book

Trump Considering Suing His Niece Over Book

Mary Trump's book, slated to be published on July 28, "shines a bright light on the dark history of their family in order to explain how her uncle became the man who now threatens the world's health, economic security, and social fabric", according to the book's Amazon page. And the Daily Beast added the president has asked them to explore legal retribution - or at least a threat.

The book marks the first-time that a person in Trump's family will publish unflattering stories about the former property tycoon and reality TELEVISION star.

Mary, 55, is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. The president has handled disgruntled previous workers asserting issues and criticizing him. "But in all my research - and I'm very well read on the Trumps - I've never seen something like this", Nunberg said.

The NDA reportedly barred her from publishing anything regarding the litigation and her relationship with Donald Trump, Robert Trump, or Maryanne Trump Barry - who acted as executors of their father's estate. Mary will also reveal that her uncle, even as he was the favorite son of the late Fred Trump, mocked him when he started to suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Fred Trump Jr. was the firstborn son the heir apparent to his father's real estate empire.

When Fred Jr.'s children contested the will, Donald Trump responded by cutting them off the family's healthcare plan.

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The case was settled the next year, and details of the deal were never released - but not before Mary Trump bashed her aunt and uncles to the Daily News in December 2000, saying they "should be ashamed of themselves".

The Daily Beast said the White House did not provide comment regarding the possibility of any legal action aimed at Mary Trump. "This was so shocking, so disappointing and so vindictive", said niece Lisa Trump, whose son, William, was born 18 months ago at Mount Sinai Medical Center with a rare neurological disorder that produces violent seizures, brain damage and medical bills topping $300,000.

Grau and her husband, 80-year-inclined film company producer James Grau, weathered the pre-e-newsletter storm at a Palm Seaside golf route restaurant on Monday evening.

The e-book is due out a number of weeks sooner than the Republican conference in August, when Trump will accept the birthday celebration's nomination for his re-election expose in November. Instead, most of Fred Sr.'s wealth was divided between his surviving four children.

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