Trump heads to battleground state amid bad polls, worsening coronavirus pandemic

Trump heads to battleground state amid bad polls, worsening coronavirus pandemic

Former Vice President Joe Biden ran the table on President Donald Trump in a newly-released set of polls from the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina, with double-digit leads in three of them.

Biden leads Trump by 10 percentage points in Pennsylvania and 11 in MI and Wisconsin, potentially reclaiming the three "blue wall" states that Trump broke through to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

30 percent of respondents said they approve of President Donald Trump's handling of ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, while 58 percent said they disapprove of the president's handling of protests. So if faced with a binary choice on a ballot: "yes".

During her interview with "The Ticket" podcast, Fiorina, who voted for Trump in 2016, revealed that she struggled with the decision to switch her vote for Biden and was wary on whether she wanted to go public with her conclusion. 'You know, it's a statement about where we want to go, and I think what we need now actually is real leadership that can unify the country'.

Democrats will hold a largely virtual convention in August to nominate Joe Biden as their presidential candidate, the party said on Wednesday, with Biden giving his acceptance speech in person in Milwaukee, but state delegations staying home. And I think character counts, ' she continued, claiming those who don't like Trump but support him because of certain policies or judicial nominations need to hear her justification.

Two months after Fiorina ended her White House bid in February 2016, Sen.

Even though she clashed with Trump in the 2016 primaries, Fiorina ended up voting for her party's standard-bearer in the November general election.

2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina opens up about finding your potential and succeeding in your career in her new book 'Find Your Way'.

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