Trump sparks controversy saying 'great day' for George Floyd

Trump sparks controversy saying 'great day' for George Floyd

"Equal justice under the law must mean that every American receives equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement regardless of race, color, gender or creed".

"Now we're opening, and we're opening with a bang", he said. "There's a great day for him, a great day for everybody".

Trump was in the Rose Garden to address the new jobs report, which saw the overall unemployment rate fall to 13.3% for May, but showed little improvement for African Americans.

On Friday (June 5th), as the country continued to protest the police killing of George Floyd along with all Black lives lost due to police brutality, Trump made some particularly insensitive and oblivious remarks about Floyd. "It's a great day for everybody", he said.

During his last minute press conference, the US President hailed the surprise decline in the country's unemployment, saying the economy is taking off like a "rocket ship" and promising a swift recovery from the coronavirus shutdown.

"What you now the greatest thing that can happen for race relations, for the African-American community, for the Asian-American, for the Hispanic-American, for women, for everything", Trump said Friday.

Trump's approval rating with regard to Floyd's murder and the ensuing protests, 32 percent, is even lower than for the president's response to the COVID-19 crisis, which remained at a record-low of 39 percent, the poll found. We're going to have the strongest economy in the world.

In a weird exchange with reporters Friday morning, President Donald Trump said being "so strong" and having "the strongest economy in the world" is his plan to address systemic racism.

While some reporters quoted Trump's comments verbatim, others immediately cast Trump's reference to Floyd as part of his celebration of the positive economic outlook, rather than as a suggestion that Floyd would be pleased with the country's focus on progress toward a more equitable law enforcement environment.

April's unemployment rate had hit 14.7 percent.

While it may signal the worst has passed, the data also served up another reminder of US racial inequality at a moment when protests have erupted around the country over police violence against African Americans.

For the past three years, Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has "done more for the black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln", who abolished slavery in the 1860s.

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden on Friday, Trump struck a triumphal note, likening the economy to a healthy patient making a quick recovery. We'll go back to having the greatest economy anywhere in the world.

Alcindor added: "Black unemployment went up by 0.1%, Asian American unemployment went up by 0.5%, how is that a victory?" When Alcindor challenged Trump on this point, he dismissed her with a wave and said: "You are something".

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