Uber Hourly is like having a personal driver - for an hour

Uber Hourly is like having a personal driver - for an hour

Known as Uber Hourly, the ride-sharing platform's latest solution aims to target users who are going far or stopping often.

"We built this feature for riders that anticipate needing additional flexibility when taking care of essential tasks, and for drivers so that they could access an additional earning opportunity", says Uber in a blog post.

Hourly booking can not be used to travel to or from airports and trips must be within a city service area. Also, a city may have a limit on mileage so that a city might limit the hourly trip to 50 miles. The same rule applies to trips that run over the booked hour; riders will be charged per minute over the hour.

Riders who want to use the new feature start by selecting "hourly" in the app and then entering their initial stop. It'll save some money compared to booking back-to-back trips each time they're needed.

Now kicked off in the U.S., riders are going to be charged $50 for an hour and will be asked to select how long the trip will last before confirming it.

With the "Hourly" function, passengers can set the estimated trip time, locking in the set rate, even if the trip takes less time.

The feature isn't something entirely new though, as it was already being tested in cities across Australia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The ride-hailing company expects to introduce the option Tuesday in 12 cities - Atlanta; Chicago; Dallas; Houston; Miami; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Seattle; Tacoma, Wash.; Tampa Bay, Fla.; and Washington, D.C.

Uber Hourly is rolling out following a report that Uber rides were down as much as 80% in some cities during April. If the rider goes over the city's limit, they'll have a per-mile rate added.

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