US faces 'serious problem' as states see virus surge: Fauci

US faces 'serious problem' as states see virus surge: Fauci

And it can be no coincidence, officers claimed, that Friday's briefing took spot at the Department of Wellbeing and Human Companies fairly than at the White House.

The task force briefing was called after a surge in new coronavirus cases in southern and western states, including Florida and Texas.

Vice President Mike Pence had the most delicate line to walk.

"About half of the new cases are of Americans under the age of 35 years, which is encouraging", said Mike Pence.

However, while Fauci spoke of the need to further work to get the virus under control, during the same meeting Vice President Mike Pence falsely claimed that the U.S. had "flattened the curve", and attributed the rise of cases to increased testing.

"We're in a much stronger place".

Task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, said June 16 he hadn't spoken to Trump during the previous two weeks, but added the task force is still making "substantial" efforts to tackle the pandemic.

"As you can see, we are facing a serious problem in certain areas", Fauci said.

PRESS Vice President Mike Pence
PRESS Vice President Mike Pence

A widespread move to roll back reopening plans would be a blow to President Donald Trump, who is desperate to bring the US economy back on track ahead of the November election. When the president [? tagged?] me to lead the White House Coronavirus Task Force, he said we had one mission, and that was to save lives. The return of the briefing was a sign that the administration knows it can't ignore growing anxiety over the increased number of cases as governors in some states pause or delay reopening.

The briefing at the Section of Wellbeing and Human Companies was held as the variety of verified new coronavirus bacterial infections for every working day in the USA soared to an all- high of 40,000 - increased even than in the course of the deadliest extend in April and May possibly.

"We require to acquire that into account since we are all in it with each other", he said. The president is still dead-set on cheerleading an economic resurgence even in the face of the spike in infections.

America has since accelerated testing to 500,000 a day, which has contributed to the increase in reported new cases, Pence said.

Texas, along with states such as California and Florida, has recently been reporting thousands of new cases each day.

"I also want to appeal to the millennials and those that are under 40 - it's really important that this group really commit themselves to these practices to protect those at risk", Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Robert Redfield said of social distancing and masks. Pray for our health care workers on the front lines. "And just continue to pray that, by God's grace, every single day we'll each do our part to heal our land".

The US hit an all-time record for daily coronavirus cases for the third day in a row on Friday with more than 40,000 new cases. "And the only way we're going to end it is by ending it together".

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