What they’re saying about Monday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway

What they’re saying about Monday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway

Bubba Wallace is certain NASCAR "is changing" as he reflected on the racial incident when a noose was found in his garage, as he claimed 14th place at Talladega Superspeedway to take a career-best finish.

NASCAR, desperate from a financial perspective to break out of its Confederate confines in Dixie and join the 21st century, also released the comment that the company couldn't "state strongly enough how seriously we take this heinous act" and whoever did it would be banned for life from the sport. It has vowed to permanently bar the person responsible, but the investigation was in its early stages.

The flag has always been a staple at NASCAR tracks in the sport's southern USA heartlands, but it remains a symbol of slavery and racism for many. Wallace two weeks ago successfully pushed NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag at its venues, though the sanctioning body has not outlined plans on how it will enforce the restriction. "I don't want it to be remembered as a awful day or a bad day in NASCAR".

"My viewpoint, all I was trying to say is how do you take [the flag] from one group and help support the group that it offends, and then what do you do to the group that you took it from?" "I'm still kind of a rookie, starting to figure this play stuff out - had a good race today".

Wallace slammed the "despicable act of racism and hatred". He has said he began to find his public voice on racism after watching video in May of Ahmaud Arbery's fatal shooting in Georgia.

Wallace is the only Black driver in NASCAR's top circuit. You just carry that with you for a whole weekend and I'm proud of where I stand. "They have no place for them", Wallace said. "I ask the NASCAR family to rally around Bubba and his team as they compete today and I know that there are more people who are wishing him well today than ever before".

On Sunday before the Geico 500, which was eventually postponed for weather reasons to Monday, someone placed a noose in Wallace's garage stall, a symbol created to invoke the image of lynchings.

One former driver that was not on hand at the track was Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This year was different and it was Wallace who led the charge. I hope Bubba is feeling loved and supported.

Look up, and you might spot a plane pulling a banner of the Southern symbol, now banned from being displayed inside race tracks, with the words "Defund NASCAR". Security is very tight getting in and out of the footprint.

Reigning F1 champion Hamilton, the only Black driver in that series, has been outspoken through the Black Lives Matter protests of recent months, and he shared a message of solidarity with Wallace ahead of Monday's rain-delayed race at Talladega.

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