Apple Says You Shouldn't Actually Put Any Tape Over the MacBook Camera

Apple Says You Shouldn't Actually Put Any Tape Over the MacBook Camera

One of the questions which arrive is if the camera cover is really risky for MacBook display.

If you're anxious about potential spying, then you may have resorted to covering up your laptop's web camera. According to Kuo, however, an Apple Silicon version of this model won't be coming until 2021, when he also expects Apple to unveil the new design that we heard about past year, which will also likely feature the new mini-LED technology that Apple has been working on. Furthermore, the camera cover is also likely to interfere with the auto-brightness setting, True Tone setting.

You probably cover your laptop's camera over privacy fears. A simple search for MacBook camera covers throws up 25 results, all claiming thickness as little as 0.023mm.

Instead of using an accessory like this, Apple suggests using the camera indicator light, which is built into every MacBook, to monitor if the camera is turned on for any reason.

A new support page has been published by Apple "Don't close your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with a cover over the camera".

The warning comes after several users complained of their displays crack after covering the camera.

Meanwhile, the 16-inch MacBook Pro released last fall continues to languish with an older 9th-gen Intel chip, making it the model that's certainly more due for an update.

As for the MacBook Pro, Kuo's report indicates that the redesign is in the pipeline. The crack originated just below webcam and propagated downwards.

For users concerned whether the camera is on, an alternative may be to check whether the camera light indicator is active. This means you can be risking your display with a camera cover. For instance, the "Fruitfly" malware circulated for years with the apparent ability to secretly hijack a Mac's web camera.

For those who work in an environment that requires the use of camera covers, Apple recommends using ones that are less than 0.1mm thick and do not use an adhesive that leaves any residue.

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