Biden again blows by Trump in cash race

Biden again blows by Trump in cash race

In each case, the figures were new monthly records this year for campaigns that are expected to mount the most expensive USA election in history.

The joint Trump reelection effort has raised more than $947 million in the past two years and has over $295 million cash on hand, according to the release.

In June, Trump Victory, the joint fundraising committee between the RNC and the Trump campaign, along with other authorized joint fundraising committees, brought in $131 million, a significant jump in fundraising for the president's team after being outraised by the presumptive Democratic nominee in May.

But the administration has yet to squarely address whether Trump had received a written briefing, whether he had read it and why he had not responded more aggressively if he had.

Glassner, who had been a Trump campaign official since 2015, expected to be reassigned, a source told Axios.

"This is not a reaction to Tulsa".

The Biden campaign hasn't said how much it has in the bank. In fact, stickers promoting social distancing and provided by the campaign rally's venue - the BOK Center- were subsequently removed by campaign staff. However, he added that he does not feel Trump needs to wear a mask because those who work with him daily are regularly tested for the virus.

Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale
Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale

Another source said that Glassner was only intended for the "ramp up stage" of the election, and "was never meant to be the chief operating officer for the final stretch".

The arena for the rally held 19,000 seats.

Alabama officers reportedly requested the campaign not to keep the event in the condition which is dealing with a stressing spike in new COVID-19 bacterial infections like lots of other regions throughout the US. "We don't ever confirm where we're looking until a rally date and location are announced".

"American people [didn't] make enormous sacrifices over the past four months so they could just waste their time", Biden said.

Biden accused his Republican rival and current US President Donald Trump of being cruel when it comes to his immigration policy and said that he built his immigration policy would be built around keeping families together.

The president heads to South Dakota this week for a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore in his official White House capacity.

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