Depp concludes evidence in libel trial, Entertainment News & Top Stories

Depp concludes evidence in libel trial, Entertainment News & Top Stories

"Amber, Johnny then told me, had thrown a quart sized can of lacquer thinner into Johnny's face, causing a gash", her witness statement said.

A member of Johnny Depp's security team recalled his boss "panicking" as his finger had been sliced open by ex-wife Amber Heard, he told the High Court in London on Tuesday.

A few weeks after that incident Mr Depp is accused of repeatedly punching Ms Heard.

Tara Roberts, estate manager at Mr Depp's Caribbean home, claimed she had seen Ms Heard, 34, "screaming and berating" the Hollywood star as he yelled at the actress to "go away".

"Given Ms Heard's extremely volatile nature, I thought it best to try to engage with her on her own terms and simply apologise for what she was alleging had happened; hence my use of the word "kicked", which is the word which Ms Heard herself had used", he said.

Ms Heard filed for divorce 15 months later when she first said publicly Mr Depp had abused her and the divorce was finalised the following year.

Asked by Ms Wass whether she had included the detail in her statement to suggest Mr Musk had caused the marks, Ms Esparza said: "I didn't suggest that, I don't know". Connolly also said he had "heard of" instances of Heard attacking Depp.

Mr Deuters, now European president of Mr Depp's production company, Infinitum Nihil, said he had worked for the U.S. actor since 2004.

The 57-year-old actor is suing the tabloid's publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) and its executive editor Dan Wootton over an April 2018 article which labelled him a "wife beater".

Malcolm Connolly has worked for Depp and his family for around 16 years and said the actor was "in emotional distress and panicking" after his fingertip was severed on a trip to Australia, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Depp replied: "Certainly not, no". Ms Heard was not wearing makeup. However, the footage showed Mr Depp had left the block on May 21 and not returned.

Ms Roberts alleged that she saw Ms Heard "lunge violently at Johnny, pull his hair, and commit other aggressive physical acts against him".

The alleged events took place in December 2019, when Depp and Heard were staying on the island with his two children and a friend.

"When I told him he kicked you, he cried", Deuters wrote in the text.

Dead Man's Chest star was shown in his defamation trial against The Sun at London's High Court yesterday.

Amongst many other claims made by Depp in his libel case against The Sun, it was revealed that ex-wife Heard physically hit him after finding out that he has hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.

"He continued to stand there yelling at her to stop and leave him alone", she said.

The court was told on Monday that one incident occurred after Ms Heard's 30th birthday party in 2016, which Mr Depp had been late to following a meeting with his business advisers.

Heard and Depp met in 2011 while co-starring in the film The Rum Diary and married in 2015.

The case arose out of the publication of an article on the Sun's website headlined: "Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be "genuinely happy" casting wife beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film?"

Heard's evidence was expected to begin on Friday morning - but it is not clear when the Aquaman actress will give evidence as Depp's cross-examination has taken two days longer than scheduled.

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