Gov. Whitmer orders flags lowered to honor Congressman John Lewis

Gov. Whitmer orders flags lowered to honor Congressman John Lewis

Several governors also ordered flags in their states to fly at half-staff, including Republican Brian Kemp in Georgia, Lewis' home state, who said that Lewis "changed our world in profound and immeasurable ways". Lewis suffered a fractured skull during the attack and he bore the scars of the incident for the rest of his life. He was 80-years-old. Uhuru described him as a "freedom icon, gifted orator and political maverick" and that his death had robbed the world an "inspirational politician whose achievements helped shape the careers of many renowned global leaders".

Instead, the White House is circling its wagons ever tighter around its far-right base, rejecting the intrusion of new voices into the discussion of America's past, while demonizing those who take to the streets to contest its future.

"It's wonderful when you think about how long ago that was and yet we are still fighting that fight".

Lewis was a recipient of the 2017 John Hope Franklin Award from Diverse. At one point, President Bill Clinton formed a Task Force to investigate and prosecute the series of arsons on Black churches in the South, and assigned me and my friend Jim Johnson to co-chair it.

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) was among the black and Jewish legislators in the US Congress warning against rising antisemitism.

"Congressman Lewis was truly a larger than life figure, who will be dearly missed by all", they said.

"Although we lost him at a time when we need him so much, he'll continue to be an example to all of us".

Instead of flowers, the family is asking for contributions to be made towards the preservation of the collection as well as continuing his legacy by supporting The C.T. and Octavia Vivian Museum & Archives, Inc.

John Lewis was an icon, and I know that people everywhere will feel the impact of his passing. For a man of such celebrity this humble and gracious spirit prevailed.

The nominee will face Republican Angela Stanton-King in November. It's especially sad to lose him now, when the country so craves moral leadership, but when so little of it comes from Washington. Green also said that he had gone to jail after getting in "good trouble" with Lewis, getting arrested while protesting on multiple occasions, and asked that the House pass a reaffirmation of the Voting Rights Act.

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